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Zinc Plating

Another good choice when it comes to corrosion protection. Like cadmium, zinc is a sacrificial plating. Although its corrosion protective attributes are not as effective as cadmium, it does come without the environmental and health hazards associated with cadmium. In the manufacturing of steel and iron parts or components, zinc is the most commonly used sacrificial plating. Lubrisity and corrosion protection can be enhanced with post treatment coatings and additives.

TYPE I Clear, as plated
TYPE II Chromated with color (yellow, gold, black, or olive drab)
TYPE III Clear (Blue) chromate

We are also a supplier of the PAVCO super seal process, which is noted for its ability to extend the red rust corrosion protection limits to well beyond 500 hours.

Zinc and trivalent yellow dichromate
plating on steel


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