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Chrome Plating

Chrome Plating is used for both decorative and engineering purposes. We provide the service of applying chrome for decorative purposes only.

It is an excellent choice as the final plating over nickel. The nickel provides the color, brightness, and depth required for a beautiful bright reflective finish, but it will oxidize if not protected from the atmosphere. Chrome is used as a final protective layer in the decorative chrome plating process and is applied as a very thin layer generally no more than .00003 of an inch thick.

During the 1950's chrome was king as its use in the automobile industry defined a unique era. Today chrome plating is not as freely used as it would be cost prohibitive to produce such mega chrome vehicles.

Environmental concerns and regulations have contributed to the increased cost as well as the alternative use of other materials in place of chrome where acceptable.

With all this in mind, it is still an excellent choice as it is widely used in the appliance, tool, fastener, medical, hardware, and valve manufacturing industries.

Chrome plating
Duplex nickel chrome plating and
Black nickel chrome plating on steel


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